3. May, 2017

4 reasons to have a massage in the wintertime




I don't know how you are going but up here was it summer one day then, bam, hello winter! Gone are the long warm days of summer but there are some positives that come out of the colder months that you can enjoy a nice massage on a heated bed.

1. Regular massages helps to boost the immune system, making it easier to fight off those insidious winter bugs.

2. Shorter, darker days can leave you feeling tired and worn out, a good massage can be both relaxing and uplifting, an inexpensive and healthy way to beat the winter blues.

3 Cold winter air equals rough dry skin but massage can stabilize the collagen in your skin and help maintain skin elasticity. Using a good quality massage oil or balm enhances the effect and leaves client's skin moisturized.

4. Heating elements added to your massage warm both the body and the soul, relaxing cold, rigid muscles and fascia, allowing clients to get the most out of their treatment.


I am looking forward to hear from you and till then have a great time.


Lisa Martin